Podkarpackie - Przestrzeń otwarta

Broad view to the Podkarpackie

Meeting point for three national borders: Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, external border of the European Union, East-West transport corridor – these are only a few of the assets of Podkarpackie, a leader among the regions of Eastern Poland.

Economic growth of Podkarpackie is inseparably linked with the construction of the Central Industrial Region started before World War II. This development program was the genesis of numerous industrial plants operating today, such as Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów, PZL Mielec Sikorsky Lockheed Martin Company and Huta Stalowa Wola SA., to mention only a few. Because the world’s first oil well was built in 1854 in Bóbrka near Krosno, the region is also recognized as the cradle of oil industry.


Today, the Podkarpackie Region is favoured by investors seeking location for their business in the macro-region of Eastern Poland. Such choice is encouraged by the availability of areas designated for investments and the existing economic zones offering preferential conditions for economic operations. What is more, the area is easily accessible; the factors determining this include A4 Motorway linking western and eastern border of Poland, S19 Expressway currently under construction, modernized railway lines, including broad LHS line, as well as Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport with consistently growing number of passengers.

The region stands out for a large concentration of aerospace companies (accounting for approx. 90% of domestic production in this sector), numerous science and research centres, and well developed educational and training facilities. Yet, the strength of the local economy does not depend only on aerospace industry. Sector of information technologies is also of considerable importance for the economy, as it is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the region, just like automotive industry – a number of global leaders in this sector have built their plants here.


The region’s economy is also defined by mechanical and electrical engineering sector, chemical, glass and wood industries, as well as agriculture. Innovative forms of business support are effectively implemented here, and in terms of R&D expenditures the Podkarpackie Region holds high-ranking position in Poland.